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Using the <sup> tag


The sup tag is used to display superscript text. It should not be used to markup mathematical exponents; instead, use Content MathML to create exponents and math with superscripts.



<para id="armstrong">
  Neil Armstrong was the 1<sup>st</sup> 
  man on the moon.


Results in this display:

Neil Armstrong was the 1st man on the moon.

Attributes(what's this?)

Children(what's this?)

term, cite, cite-title, foreign, emphasis, sub, sup, code, preformat, quote, note, list, media, footnote, link, newline, space, Unicode text

Parents(what's this?)

preformat, para, title, label, cite, cite-title, link, emphasis, term, sup, sub, quote, foreign, footnote, note, item, code, caption, commentary, meaning, entry, audio, flash, video, java-applet, image, labview, download
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