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Switching Between Content and Metadata

To display the metadata for the module or collection, scroll down to the footer, where it says More about this module/collection.

Footer on the 'Viewing content' page.

Figure 1: Footer on the "Viewing content" page.

The links in the footer correspond to various parts of the Metadata page itself:

The top of the metadata page includes a link to return to the Viewing Content page.

'View the content'.

Figure 2: Link to return to the "View content" page.

Sections of the Metadata Page

The Metadata section summarizes all the metadata the author included with his/her content. This includes the module title, language, summary, subject, keywords, as well as the authors, copyright holder, and maintainer Roles. Other sections are auto-generated by the software platform, like the unique content ID, the latest version, the publication date, and the last revision date.


The Downloads section of the metadata page gives you easy access to all the available downloadable formats for the content you are viewing.

Version History

The Version History section of the metadata page contains an archive with links to all of the past versions of the content.

When a new module is published Connexions assigns a revision number to that version of the module. If if becomes necessary to update the module, the author checks it out from the repository, edits it, and publishes it again. An incremented revision number is assigned to the updated version. Connexions stores all this revision information and you can view it on the History page for the module.

Reuse and Attribution

The Reuse and Attribution section of the metadata page reminds you of the attribution requirements of the license the content is published under. It also gives a list of bibliographic citations in various popular styles, like the APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

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