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Community of Learners

The Connexions community has undergone explosive growth over the past few years. Thousands of learners, educators, and authors visit Connexions each day to exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge through a rich collection of open repository modules and collections. We strongly believe that this group of stakeholders is critical to the current and future success of Connexions.

The Connexions Blog

As the centerpiece of this effort, the Connexions blog ( will serve as a place for users to connect, interact, and explore Connexions. This blog will contain a blend of updates, editorials, and tutorials, as well as your daily dose of humor.

For those that prefer to follow along via RSS, you can also subscribe to the blog feed.

The Connexions Community Google Group

Intended for all Connexions authors and users, the Community Google group is a place where you can exchange ideas and tips. Having issues getting something to display correctly? Have a great idea that you would like to get feedback on? The Connexions Community Google Group is the place for it!


Connexions now has a fan page on Facebook. Become a fan of Connexions to receive project updates on your wall, share your thoughts with our team, and help spread the word about Connexions through your network of friends.


Looking for updates on the go? You can now follow Connexions on Twitter. All of the latest information in byte-size form, with a bit of color commentary for good measure.


A great way to plug yourself into our community is to join in our annual conference. You can see archives of past conferences on our website, or go to for up to date information about upcoming conferences.


The Connexions Consortium is a group of organizations and individuals, including the world's foremost leaders in education, who work together to advance open source educational technology and open access educational content. If your organization would like to be directly involved in influencing the OER field, consider joining our Consortium at

For Developers

Wanting to develop new features for Connexions or Rhaptos (the software running Connexions)? We are an ongoing open-source development project. If you are interested in more detail about our architecture, or want to get involved with developing, please see our development sites: