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The Connexions Consortium is a group of organizations and individuals, including the world's foremost leaders in education, who work together to direct the future development of Connexions and the open education movement. The Connexions Consortium is dedicated to the design and development of collaborative, open source code, software efforts and open access educational content that are targeted at supporting education, research and related scholarly activities.

Proceeds from the Consortium membership dues currently go toward administrative costs and overhead for the project. Members in the consortium decide on general directions of future development of Connexions.


Connexions Consortium membership is available to all organizations and individuals. If you or your organization is investing significant resources into educational technologies — either by developing educational content, using educational technologies as an enabling medium for your work, conducting research on education, and/or developing educational products — then you or your organization should become a Consortium member.

Adoption of the Connexions platform (Rhaptos) and use of the Connexions repository in the field of education continue to grow. Those who participate in the work of the Consortium have a unique opportunity to shape the Connexions platform and to leverage it to create new markets, expand existing markets, and participate directly in the revolution that continues to change the way the world of education works.

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For more information on the Connexions Consortium, including the membership benefits and responsibilities, visit our Consortium home page.