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Rhaptos is the open source content management software that powers Connexions, the world's foremost open education site. Rhaptos is a fully developed content delivery platform that supports all types of educational content, everything from traditional textbooks to the latest interactive game-based multimedia content. The platform’s technology and licensing structure facilitate frictionless remixing which allows users to customize content to meet the needs of individual teachers and learners. Rhaptos features a powerful lensing system for post-publication quality control, customized tagging, and community-based search and discovery are the engine behind a truly reusable repository of knowledge and learning.

Enterprise Rhaptos is an installable version of the Rhaptos software. Enterprise Rhaptos allows you to run this powerful content management software behind your firewall. Put your own content into your own private repository and license it in your own way. Use the web 2.0 features of Enterprise Rhaptos to capture the intellectual capital of your organization while maintaining the highest level of content quality through the use of Enterprise Rhaptos' Lenses feature.

To learn more about Enterprise Rhaptos, visit our site:

Basic architecture

These pages describe the various components of the software behind the Connexions system without getting into implementation details. The system architecture is divided into four major components:

Two types of content can be published in Connexions: modules and collections. Both modules and collections are saved and managed in XML languages created for this purpose.
The repository provides storage and access to Connexions content. We currently house open educational resources for all age levels from around the world, with the amount of published content growing daily.
Editing environment
Connexions provides a web portal for the collaborative creation and management of materials. The editing environment includes several ways to access and edit content.
Lensing Systems
Users can highlight exemplary content within our powerful lenses system. Expert vetting of content allows user-driven quality control on Connexions modules and collections.

Open source development

We are an ongoing open-source development project. If you are interested in more detail about our architecture, or want to get involved with developing, please see our development sites: