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Connexions Consortium

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The Connexions Consortium is a group of organizations and individuals, including the world's foremost leaders in education, who work together to advance open source educational technology and open access educational content. Learn more at the Connexions Consortium website.

Major Foundation Support

Major Individual Sponsors

  • Burton McMurtry
  • William Sick
  • Michael Stewart
  • J. Thomas and Nancy Eubank

Individual Donations

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Connexions accepts donations from individuals. Click here to contribute today.

Development Partners

Siyavula logo

Siyavula from the Shuttleworth Foundation

VOER logo

Vietnam Open Educational Resources (VOER) from the Vietnam Foundation

Research and Corporate Support

University Support

Rice University

  • Dean of Engineering
  • Digital Library Initiative
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology Division
  • President's Office
  • Provost's Office