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Press and websites that feature Connexions.

IEEE-SPS Endorsement Lens
This news release highlights the release of the IEEE Signal Processing Society endorsement lens(, with lots of information about Connexions.
Lessons from an open world
An article by Allyn Radford discussing the role of open education in meeting the demands created by opening up higher education to an increasing number of people. Connexions is discussed as well as other OER initiatives.
More iTunesU coverage on CNET
Connexions Textbooks are Now on iTunesU
The Chronicle of Higher Ed notes in an article that Connexions textbooks are now available on iTunesU.
NPR Story on the Future on Books
This NPR story discusses the "death of the book", and mentions Connexions as one site offering free digital textbooks.
NYT Education Life Features Connexions and Schmidt-Jones' Music
The New York Times Education Life section today has a full discussion of the open education movement, "An Open Mind" (, of which Connexions is an active participant. It includes extensive commentary by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and discussion of the open course ware movement, interactive online learning, and several projects to learn online with peers . Pullout sections offer a look at Connexions, "How to Learn Sometihng for Nothing" (, and feature notable online courses, including the suite of music education by Connexions author, Catherine Schmidt-Jones, "The Music Lesson" (
USA Today discusses how open courseware may aid liberal arts colleges
W. Joseph King, executive director of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education, points out that professors don't need to make students shell out hundreds of dollars for textbooks when Connexions makes them freely available online, and works with to print and bind them at cost.
Rice University Press highlighted for digital publishing of scholarly works, openly available on Connexions
The Houston Chronicle highlights Rice University Press for its digital publishing of scholarly works, all of which are openly available on Connexions. Fully digital options (every book may be read online for free, unlike other university presses) allow the press to support unique projects that don't fit into standard marketing categories or are too expensive to produce using traditional processes. You can read about the press's latest projects in the full article, and you can see all the Rice University books available through Connexions by visiting their lens (
Austin KVUE News recommends Connexions
KVUE News in Austin has some suggestions on how to get more textbooks for less. Among their top picks are free online resources, with Connexions first on their list.
HPCWire touts winners of HPC Education Cup and newly republished textbook, "High Performance Computing" by Charles Severance.
The results of the Open Education Cup 2008-2009 have been announced in a press release on HPCwire. Congratulations to Tim Stitt, Ph.D., of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) and Kenneth Leroy Busbee of Houston Community College, the winners of this year's cup. The winning modules, as well as their competitors, can be found in the High Performance Computing Open Education Cup 2008-2009 lens:
NYT highlights Connexions in "Digital Future" article
The New York Times featured Connexions in an article concerning the future of digital media in the classroom. The article also goes on to mention that Connexions submitted one of its collections to California's open textbook initiative to be used as a free alternative to traditional textbooks. Textbooks selected by the initiative are announced on August 11, 2009.
Connexions, Free Textbooks Featured in KHOU's "School Zone" Report
Connexions was featured this morning on KHOU's 11 News This Morning Early Edition as part of its ongoing "School Zone" series. Connexions Executive Director Joel Thierstein was on camera to explain how the open education movement can lead to powerful changes not only for the higher education market, but also for K-12 education as states look to find ways to provide affordable education for all students.
Rich Baraniuk sits down for an interview with The Guardian
The Guardian has posted an interview with Connexions Founder Richard Baraniuk on the future of education and technology.
Connexions author Ed Doering praised for innovative teaching
The Terre Haute Tribune-Star features an article on Ed Doering, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and author of the collection "Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW". The article highlights Doering's innovation through online instruction using Connexions' modular, open system and National Instruments' interactive LabVIEW plugins.
Austrialian Higher Ed Explores the Future of Textbooks
Connexions is mentioned in an article exploring the future of print textbooks, traditional publishers and their effort to keep up with the open education movement.
Science Magazine Features Connexions in Article on Open Educational Resources
The January 2 issue of Science Magazine featured Connexions in an article on Open Educational Resources.
Christian Science Monitor Examines Online Textbooks, Mentions Connexions
The Christian Science Monitor recently published an article detailing services that offer alternatives to expensive textbooks. Connexions is featured as one such alternative that offers free educational content online.
Tufts Daily Cites Connexions in Article on Online Course Materials
Tufts Daily, an independent student publication of Tufts University, recently featured an article on making educational resources available to students using the Internet. Connexions is cited throughout the article as an example of sites that make course material available online to anyone for free.
The Ottawa Citizen Features Connexions in Article on Online Course Materials
The Ottawa Citizen highlights Rice University's Connexions project in an article about online sites that offer educational content and course materials. The article posits that "the era of paying sky-high prices for textbooks is quickly drawing to a close as the Internet allows students to get course materials for little or no money..."
NY Times Features Connexions in Article on Changing Textbook Marketplace
A recent New York Times article describing the changing textbook marketplace and the role of online services providing free and low-cost alternatives. Connexions is featured prominently as a method for distributing - as well as creating and customizing - free educational materials that once cost hundreds of dollars for students.
Release of Collaborative Statistics Highlighted in Houston Business Journal
The Houston Business Journal recently highlighted the release of the Collaborative Statistics (col10522), which has been made available for free to students worldwide through Connexions. Please follow the link to read the full article (Connexions is featured in the second section of the column).
Connexions' release of "Collaborative Statistics" featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education
Connexions' recent release of Collaborative Statistics is featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article describes the project, in collaboration with the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources, which makes this popular text available for free online and for a low cost in print form for students everywhere.
Inside Higher Ed praises release of "Collaborative Statistics"
The recent release of Collaborative Statistics is featured in this article by Inside Higher Ed, which praises Connexions for making the complete set of textbook and course materials available for free online. “We’re anticipating that this is just the very first step of a project to provide a similar concept in other disciplines to community college students for free as well, so this is a first step of many.”
Connexions mentioned in LA Times Article on free online texts
This article in the LA Times explores the recent call for free or affordable alternatives to costly college textbooks. Connexions is featured as a platform providing free, open-access content that can be combined to produce custom learning materials.
Connexions Lauded in NY Times Editorial
An editorial in The New York Times on May 1, 2007, discussed a recent law passed in the state of Washington that requires textbook companies to disclose prices and other relevant information to college professors. This law is a response to the high cost of college textbooks. The editorial goes on to say that colleges and universities will need to embrace creative solutions to reduce textbook costs, like the Connexions Project at Rice University.
Connexions featured in the Math Forum Internet News
Math Forum Internet News, a weekly newsletter produced by the Drexel School of Education at Drexel University, featured Connexions in their April 6, 2007 edition. The Math Forum helps you to keep up with Math and Math Education on the Internet. It provides one-stop access to all the math resources you need.
Schule 2.0: Open Source in der Bildung (German language)
The German Web site, "Hitflip" published an article about Connexions, saying it is a Web site that can teach us things. The article is written in German and gives an overview of Connexions and how to use it. Hitflip is a person to person platform for swapping media products such as music, movies, or books. Click here to view an English translation of the article.
How the Open Source Movement Has Changed Education: 10 Success Stories
The Online Education Database (OEDb) Web site mentions Connexions as one of the success stories in open source education. OEDb provides reviews of programs from accredited online colleges, continuing education, distance learning, and more.
KUHF radio interviews Connexions author Anthony Brandt
Anthony Brandt was interviewed on January 8, 2007, by Chris Johnson with the KUHF radio show "Front Row" about Sound Reasoning , the online music appreciation course that Anthony authored in Connexions. They discussed music composition and walked through a portion of the course, complete with embedded musical examples.
Connexions among leaders of open source education projects
In its relatively young life, the Internet has promised many things and perhaps its greatest promise is the expansion of knowledge into every corner of the world. This expansion is steadily making inroads thanks to projects like Connexions. The Fall 2006 issue of Sallyport tells how Connexions may be well positioned to take advantage of the growing digital trend in open source software and education.
Listening for music's overall destiny
Composer Anthony Brandt, author of Sound Reasoning , an introductory music appreciation course in Connexions, recently published an article in NewMusicBox about the importance of new strategies for listening to music. NewMusicBox is a Web-based multi-media publication from the American Music Center that is dedicated to the music of American composers and improvisers and their champions.
Connexions cited as an online center for free texts
In a December 11, 2006, article in about The Global Text Project, Connexions was mentioned as an existing online center for free texts that was founded in 1999. The Global Text Project is a new effort to make wiki-style textbooks available to universities in developing nations.
Toss the Traditional Textbook
The October 2006 edition of Edutopia talks about plans by the El Paso (Texas) Independent School District to author their own textbooks in Connexions as a way of having up-to-date textbooks in their classrooms. Edutopia is the magazine of the George Lucas Educational Foundation , which is a nonprofit operating foundation that celebrates and encourages innovation in schools.
Connexions takes open source approach to education content
LinuxInsider announces that the Rice University open publishing project "Connexions" has entered into an agreement for on-demand printing with QOOP , Inc., a content delivery company, aimed at making the educational site's materials more accessible and printable for both educators and students.
Connexions workshops in Vietnam
The Vietnam Education Foundation announced that on July 18 and 20, 2006, Connexions personnel are presenting two workshops in Vietnam. The workshops will demonstrate how the Connexions software tools work, how Connexions facilitates teaching and learning, and how Connexions can be adapted to the Vietnamese environment. The workshops will also help IT technicians learn how to install and maintain local Connexions servers (Rhaptos).
Rice U. will start first all-digital university press (Link requires subscription)
The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote that Rice University would start the first all-digital university press, hoping that its experiment would serve as a model for other institutions struggling with the harsh economics of scholarly publishing. Online distribution will be handled by the university's open-source repository of scholarly materials, called Connexions. The e-books will be free to read, but a fee will be charged to download them. Readers will be able to order printed copies for an additional fee, and those books will be produced by a commercial print-on-demand service.
New module for scholarly publishing
Inside Higher Ed said that Rice University Press plans to begin publishing its books online only in an effort to overcome the "crisis of scholarly publishing".
Rice swaps print for digital press
The CNet Web site published a news article on July 13, 2006, about Rice University's introduction of the first all-digital press, using the open source publishing platform, Connexions.
Google TechTalk on Connexions
On April 11, 2006, Dr. Richard Baraniuk, the Founder of Connexions, and Dr. W. Joseph King, the Executive Director of Connexions, visited the headquarters of Google™ and delivered a presentation on what Connexions is and how it works. Google TechTalks recorded the presentation, titled Connexions - Building Communities and Sharing Knowledge, and has made it available for viewing on the Google Video Web site.
Sloan Consortium lists bases of Connexions
Sloan C View, an online publication of the Sloan Consortium , discusses how Connexions is based on the beliefs that knowledge should be free and open to use and re-use; collaboration should be easier, not harder; people should get credit and kudos for contributing to research and education; and concepts and ideas are linked in unusual and surprising ways.
Connexions: A real open source of information
Inside Higher Ed, the online news and opinion magazine for higher education, named Connexions as "a model for free, shared information that could be used by faculty members and students anywhere in the world." The article by Scott Jaschik titled "Really Open Source" compared Connexions and MIT's OpenCourseWare.
Inside Higher Ed says online course materials save money
The online news and opinion magazine for higher education, Inside Higher Ed, names Connexions as an open access to online modular curricular materials. The article by Saul Fisher titled "Long Tails in Higher Education" addresses strategies for reducing the cost of university courses with small enrollments.
New York Times mentions Connexions
A May 14, 2005, New York Times article about the trend in college libraries to go digital stated that Connexions is a program "where anyone can access and augment course materials".
E-paranoids cites Connexions module
E-paranoids, an on-line encyclopedia, cites a Connexions module as a reference in its article "Gibbs phenomenon Guide, Meaning , Facts, Information and Description".
Springer publishes Connexions paper
Springer, a scientific publishing house, has published the paper "Connexions: An Alternative Approach to Publishing" on their Web page. The paper appears on the Springerlink "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" Web page.
The Register links to Connexions
A link to a Connexions module appears in a news item in the Register, an IT news Web site in the UK. The module is about two's-complement notation for 16-bit processors and was used in the explanation of the failure of Comair's computer system over the holidays. Click the "conundrum" link in the news item to see the module.
Connexions: Opening the doors of learning
The feature article in the Spring 2004 issue of the Rice magazine Sallyport discusses how composer Anthony K. Brandt is using Connexions to open the doors of learning to music composition.
Italian Web site announces Connexions launch
In an article announcing the Connexions Launch 1.0, Scuola ER says that Connexions makes knowledge available to everyone. Scuola ER is a Web site that addresses educational topics in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.
Connexions featured on Creative Commons Web site
Coinciding with the public release of their Open Content licenses, Creative Commons has listed Connexions as a "featured commoner" with an article describing our project.
ASEE Prism writes about Connexions
Prism, the magazine of the American Society of Engineering Education, says that Connexions could become the model for engineering education in the article "Connecting the Dots" in the December 2003 issue, pages 34-37.
Connexions in the Houston Business Journal
The Houston Business Journal tells about Rice University launching the Connexions knowledge-sharing Web site in the "Tech Now Briefs" section of its April 2, 2004 issue.
Connexions in a movie
The movie Reticulum Rex was premiered during the celebrations marking the first anniversary of Creative Commons. The movie tells the continuing story of Creative Commons with Connexions starring in a supporting role.
Connexions listed on XML Cover Pages
The XML Cover Pages, a popular XML community news site, has posted a news item about CNXML, the XML language created by Connexions to store content.
Creative Commons license use spreads
The Christian Science Monitor tells how Berklee College of Music, in addition to Rice and MIT, is making course material available to students on the Internet. All three institutions use Creative Commons licenses to make file sharing possible.
School 2.0: Open Source in Education
An English translation of the article about Connexions, "Schule 2.0: Open Source in der Bildung," from the German language Web site "HitFlip."
Connexions Founder Honored by World Technology Network
Connexions founder Rich Baraniuk has been named a World Technology Award winner by the World Technology network for his hard work in developing the site.
Taming the Textbook Market
An InsideHigherEd article explores the pros and cons of minimizing textbook costs through what the author terms "Curricular Resource Strategies" (CRS), including open-source solutions to education.